Kristin Jennifer

one morning I stood at the stove
flipping pancakes and watching them cook
that subtle brokenness humming its song
so soft and sad and in the background 
then with unexpected clarity
a knowing wove itself through me
and here it is I'm writing it down
everyone is of god
not for the few and far between who
 gamble belief and destiny
not for the convinced
not for the special few
no it's not like that at all
it's humanities' inheritance
it is every being existing here
their beautiful code embedded within
and the knowing swept through me
my heart swelled I felt so relieved
with all the energy and excitement
of a good idea
this knowing I would keep
I would honor like glue
repairing me to wholeness
I would release the mindset that was
twenty years in the making
that broke my bond to humanity and gave it to
a separate few
but brought me to this point
I placed the pancakes on a plate
anybody want one?

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